General terms and conditions


all holiday accommodation which is set up for recreational purposes.

Accommodation Provider:
the owner and/or manager (appointed by the owner) of the Accommodation which is provided for rental.

General Terms and Conditions:
these general terms and conditions of LARGO which relate to Agreements concluded in respect of the rental of accommodation which is made available by an Accommodation Provider.

Booking Form:
the form on which the Holiday Maker must enter all the compulsory details with the aim of booking the rental of an Accommodation.

Third Parties:
parties other than LARGO and/or the (Fellow) Holiday Maker.

all facilities inside or outside the resorts which may be used on the basis of the agreement.

all people who fall under the scope of the terms holiday maker and fellow holiday maker and who are using the accommodation and/or facilities of the resorts, as well as visitors to the resort.

the trading and brand name used for booking Accommodation which is managed by third parties.

Fellow Holiday Maker:
the people who are specified by the Holiday Maker when making the booking and/or who form part of the travel group.

the agreement to rent an Accommodation which is offered by LARGO subject to the accompanying General Terms and Conditions.

the resort on which an Accommodation is located.

Holiday Maker:
the (legal) person who makes the booking and who therefore becomes LARGO's counterparty.

Travel Sum:
basic rental fees including any discounts and excluding any additional costs.

In Writing:
correspondence by letter, fax or email.

Security Deposit:
a sum which may be charged before or during the visit as a deposit for any damage which may be caused by (the fault of) the guest during the visit. Any contractual penalties which may be owed can also be offset against the security deposit.

the website(s) used by LARGO for offering the Accommodation.


These General Terms and Conditions apply to all bookings and agreements which are concluded between the Entrepreneur and the Holiday Maker in connection with the rental of Accommodation. This in any case includes, but is not limited to, the stay in and use of the Accommodation. These terms and conditions form an integral part of the agreement.


3.1 Booking


Accommodation can be booked online. This booking method is binding for both parties.


An Agreement which is subject to a suspensive condition shall be entered into between the Holiday Maker and LARGO with regard to the booking of an Accommodation which is explicitly offered by LARGO on the Website if the Holiday Maker agrees with LARGO's General Terms and Conditions as stated here.


The receipt of a booking which is made via the Website will be confirmed by LARGO by means of an email to the Holiday Maker, which means that the booking has been received and is being processed. This makes the booking binding for the Holiday Maker.


After receipt of the booking, it will be checked by LARGO for accuracy. If the booking is correct, the suspensive condition as referred to in article 3.1.2 will be fulfilled and the Agreement will enter into force.


If the Holiday Maker has not received confirmation of receipt by email, something may have gone wrong with the booking and the Holiday Maker must contact LARGO, failing which the Holiday Maker shall have no recourse to the booking.


Once the booking made through the website or by email has been checked and processed, the Holiday Maker will receive the confirmation invoice from LARGO by email (or possibly by post, on the Holiday Maker's request). If this confirmation invoice is not received within 5 days of the booking, the Holiday Maker must contact LARGO, failing which the Holiday Maker shall have no recourse to the booking. The Holiday Maker must check the booking confirmation for accuracy. LARGO must be notified of any inaccuracies within 24 hours of the receipt of the confirmation.


Some Accommodation Providers do not accept bookings from a group consisting of young people. LARGO therefore reserves the right to refuse these bookings.


LARGO also reserves the right to refuse a booking if it suspects that the Accommodation will be used in a manner which contravenes these General Terms and Conditions.

3.2 Right of revocation


Any bookings which are made shall be legally definitive for the Holiday Maker. A right of revocation (the so-called cooling-off period) as intended in the Dutch Civil Code does not apply to services relating to the rental of Accommodation.

3.3 Holiday Maker


The Holiday Maker must be at least 21 years old at the time of booking.


The Holiday Maker shall be jointly and severally liable for all Fellow Holiday Makers whose details are provided and who will be accompanying the Holiday Maker.


The Holiday Maker shall be liable for compliance with all the obligations arising from the Agreement.


All correspondence will be conducted via the Holiday Maker's address.


4.1 Cancellation by the Holiday Maker

Holidays must sometimes be cancelled as a result of unforeseen circumstances. In this case, the Holiday Maker or his representative must notify LARGO of this fact in writing or by telephone (during office hours). Cancellations or modifications will usually involve some costs.


Cancellation with valid cancellation insurance. Cancellation insurance concluded through LARGO. 1. During the booking process, it is possible to take out Europeesche Verzekeringen cancellation insurance through LARGO. This is only possible up to 7 days after the booking. 2. The costs relating to this insurance will be stated on the confirmation invoice. 3. If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker wishes to take out cancellation insurance, he must pay the total costs thereof with the first instalment, failing which the (Fellow) Holiday Maker may no longer have recourse to (the conclusion of) the cancellation insurance which was offered.
If the offered cancellation insurance was concluded correctly: 1. If the reason for cancellation may fall under the terms of the cancellation insurance, LARGO will send the Holiday Maker a form. This form must be completed in full, signed and returned to LARGO. 2. After the receipt of the fully completed form, including the compulsory proof of the grounds for the cancellation, the cancellation will be processed by the insurance company which will then assess whether the cancellation in question falls under the terms of the insurance conditions.


Cancellation in accordance with the general conditions of sale. If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker has not taken out cancellation insurance or the grounds for cancellation do not fall within the scope of the insurance conditions referred to in 4.1.1. referred to in the Policy Conditions, the booking will be canceled in accordance with the following conditions.

Specials & Exclusives - In addition to the costs of the cancellation insurance, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker owes the full fare, in view of the exclusive nature of the accommodations.

ParkOperating parks (property)

  • Free cancellation up to 24 after booking
  • Change to 30 days before your arrival date. There must be another stay available and the new price may never be lower than the original price

In the event of cancellation, the Holidaymaker will pay a fee to the Entrepreneur. This amounts to:

  • If canceled more than three months before the commencement date, 15% of the rent + 100% administration costs;
  • In case of cancellation within three to two months before the commencement date, 50% of the rent + 100% administration costs;
  • In case of cancellation within two to one month (s) before the commencement date, 75% of the rent + 100% administration costs;
  • In case of cancellation within one month before the commencement date, 90% of the rent + 100% administration costs;
  • If canceled on the day of the commencement date, 100% of the rent + 100% administration costs.
  • The fee will be refunded proportionally, after deduction of administrative costs, if the Accommodation is reserved by a third party on the recommendation of the Holidaymaker and with the written consent of the Entrepreneur for the same period or a part thereof and the Total price, to be increased by the deposit, of this third party has been received by the Entrepreneur.

100% parks (partnerships)

In addition to the reservation and preferential costs (and any costs of the cancellation insurance), the (co-) holiday maker also owes the following amounts:

  • Cancellation up to 42st day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 30% of the travel sum;
  • In case of cancellation from the 42st day (inclusive) to the 28th day (exclusive) before the day of departure: 60% of the travel sum;
  • In case of cancellation from the 28th day (inclusive) until the day of departure: 90% of the travel sum;
  • In case of cancellation on the day of departure or later: the full travel sum

4.2 Cancellation by LARGO


In the case of force majeure or unforeseen circumstances, LARGO shall be entitled to cancel the booking. Unforeseen circumstances and force majeure shall be taken to include (but are not limited to) the following:
1. The Accommodation no longer being suitable for rental (for example as a result of flooding, forest fires and breach of contract on the part of the accommodation provider). 2. The Accommodation no longer being available (for example as a result of the sudden sale of the Accommodation by the Accommodation Provider, a double booking or the bankruptcy of the Accommodation Provider).


LARGO shall immediately inform the Holiday Maker of this fact by telephone or in writing, stating the reason.


In this case, LARGO shall try to offer equivalent Accommodation for the same Travel Sum. LARGO shall assess the equivalence of the alternative Accommodation on the basis of the location, category of the Accommodation and the facilities as notified when the Accommodation was booked.


If LARGO cannot offer an appropriate alternative or the Holiday Maker does not wish to accept the alternative which is offered, LARGO will reimburse the Travel Sum which has already been paid in full or in part, without owing any compensation as a result.


LARGO shall not be liable whatsoever for the costs of any services which have been booked by the (Fellow) Holiday Maker (e.g. plane tickets, car hire, boat crossings, bus trips etc.).

4.3 Changes to the Agreement


Once the invoice has been drawn up, the Holiday Maker may request changes to the booking which has been made, to the extent that these are possible in the opinion of LARGO and/or the Accommodation Provider.


In the case of changes of Accommodation, the cancellation conditions as stated in article 4.1 shall continue to apply in full, whereby the initial booking shall be used as the basis for determining the periods specified in article 4.1.2.


If a change is required, the Holiday Maker must inform LARGO of this fact in writing.


If a change is not possible, the old booking will remain in force. LARGO shall inform the Holiday Maker of this fact as soon as possible after the change request was submitted.


If a Fellow Holiday Maker is unable to join the group, the free place may be taken by someone else as long as this person satisfies all the conditions attached to the Agreement.


If an extra Fellow Holiday Maker joins the group, extra costs may be incurred. If applicable, the description of the Accommodation on the Website states the prices per person.


If the Holiday Maker cannot use the booking, the free place may be taken by someone else. In this case, the booking will be taken over by this person. For such changes, the conditions for taking over the booking as specified in article 4.3.8. will apply.


If the entire booking is taken over by another group, LARGO may change the booking as long as the relevant Accommodation and Accommodation Provider permit this change. The following conditions apply:

  • The Holiday Maker shall notify LARGO of the change in writing.
  • Any amounts which have already been paid shall be considered to have been paid by the acquiring party. The transferring and acquiring party must sort this out between themselves.

Article 5 Financial stipulations

5.1 Travel Sum and costs


The specified prices are per Accommodation per week, weekend or midweek unless stated otherwise (and if applicable).


In the case of offers which involve several nights being offered for free, the cheapest nights will be deducted from the Travel Sum.


Discounts may not be combined.


LARGO reserves the right to change the Travel Sum if an increase in government taxes or surcharges should provide grounds for doing so.


Any discount campaigns shall not apply to existing bookings or bookings which have already been made.

5.2 Other costs


Other costs are the fixed costs which relate to the booking (such as the compulsory booking fees).


These other costs must be paid to LARGO when the booking is made.

5.3 Optional costs


Optional costs are costs which relate to an option such as the conclusion of cancellation insurance.


Optional costs must be paid to LARGO when the booking is made.

5.4 Costs to be paid in situ/security deposit


The costs to be paid in situ include but are not limited to the following:

  • The compulsory additional costs (e.g. for electricity, heating and gas).
  • The costs for any optional facilities for use in situ which have been booked.
  • Any taxes or surcharges which may be owed (such as tourist tax or environmental tax).


The exact information about the costs to be paid in situ can be found on the Website for each Resort/Accommodation, whereby LARGO cannot exclude the possibility that these costs may change between the booking of the Accommodation and the arrival at the Accommodation and/or that new government taxes may have entered into force. The costs which apply at the time of arrival shall be owed. LARGO shall not be liable for these kinds of changes as they fall outside LARGO's influence.


Upon arrival at the Accommodation, the Holiday Maker shall pay the Provider a security deposit or provide written authorisation for a security deposit to be taken. The payment method for the security deposit will vary for each Accommodation Provider. LARGO shall determine how the security deposit is to be paid by the Holiday Maker.


Any damage to the Accommodation, its contents or the Resort caused during the rental period, any extra cleaning costs incurred as a result of the Accommodation not being left in a clean condition and any costs to be paid in situ may be deducted from the security deposit. If the security deposit is not sufficient to cover this damage or these costs, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker must make up the shortfall in situ.


If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker leaves outside the specified hours of departure, his security deposit may not be returned.


LARGO shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for the charging and/or reimbursement of this security deposit and the costs referred to in this article.

5.5 Structure of the invoice


The invoice will include the following costs:
• The Travel Sum
• If desired, the optional costs (for the cancellation insurance)

5.6 Payment


Upon receipt of the confirmation invoice, 100% of the Travel Sum as agreed at the time of booking plus the optional costs (for the cancellation insurance, if applicable) must be paid within 8 days.


Any different payment arrangements must be requested from/discussed with LARGO.


The total amount of the confirmation invoice must always be paid in full before the start of the rental period.

5.7 Non-payment within the payment term


If the agreed payment term is exceeded, LARGO reserves the right to cancel the booking and to hold the Holiday Maker liable for the costs incurred.


In this case, the cancellation conditions in accordance with article 4.1.2. shall apply and the amounts which have already been paid will be offset against the cancellation costs.


LARGO reserves the right to pass on the claim to a third party (e.g. a debt collection agency). All associated judicial and extrajudicial costs, as well as the (statutory) interest, will be recovered from the Holiday Maker in this case.

Article 6 Obligations on the part of LARGO

6.1 Obligations


LARGO shall make every effort to update the information which it provides on the Website as soon as possible after receiving additional information from the Accommodation Provider, in accordance with the information provided.


LARGO shall not be liable for the lack of information on the Website which it has not received from the Accommodation Provider (or has not received in good time).

Article 7 Obligations on the part of the Holiday Maker and (Fellow) Holiday Maker

7.1 Compliance with obligations arising from the General Terms and Conditions and the Villa Regulations


The Holiday Maker and Fellow Holiday Maker and any guests shall be obliged to comply properly with all the obligations included in these General Terms and Conditions, except in the case of an obligation which evidently rests with LARGO or the Accommodation Provider.


Before entering into the Agreement, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker is obliged to consult the Resort Regulations or other regulations which apply to the Accommodation chosen by him as intended under article 8.3, which are available on request.


Non-compliance with these obligations shall be regarded as an attributable failure to comply with the Agreement and shall lead to the Holiday Maker being liable for damages towards LARGO.

Article 8 (Use of the) Accommodation

8.1 Condition of the Accommodation and nature of use


The Accommodation will be provided to the (Fellow) Holiday Maker in good condition. If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker does not feel that this is the case, he must report this immediately.


The Holiday Maker shall be obliged to treat the rented property and its contents with due care and attention. Upon departure, the Tenant shall leave the rented property in orderly condition. All damage caused by the Holiday Maker or Fellow Holiday Maker to the rented property must be reported by the Holiday Maker in situ before departure and paid for immediately.


If the Accommodation is not left in a clean condition or with damage to the contents, for example, part or all of the total security deposit as referred to in article 3.4 may be retained.


The Accommodation may exclusively be used for recreational purposes, unless expressly agreed otherwise in writing. Recreational purposes shall in any case not be taken to include the use of the Accommodation during the period in which one or more of the users of the said Accommodation(s) performs activities, irrespective of whether these activities are paid or unpaid and whether these activities take place in the context of the person's employment or otherwise.

8.2 Maximum permitted number of people/visitors


The use of the booked Accommodation by more than the maximum number of permitted people specified for the Accommodation (including children and babies) as stated on the Website ( is not permitted. In this case, the Accommodation Provider may refuse to give the (Fellow) Holiday Maker access to the Accommodation. The latter shall not be entitled to compensation as a result.


Guests are not permitted to receive visitors or allow them to stay overnight without the prior approval of the Accommodation Provider.

8.3 Other terms and conditions for use


The Accommodation is located in a Resort, building or other environment which is not managed by LARGO.


The Accommodation Provider shall be entitled to impose conditions (including rules of conduct and a dress code) for the use of the Accommodation and/or the Resort or building in which this is located. This also applies to the use of the facilities offered.


If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker contravenes the stipulations of the Agreement which has been concluded, the General Terms and Conditions and/or the general bounds of decency and morality, LARGO shall be entitled to terminate the Agreement with the Holiday Maker with immediate effect and to expel the (Fellow) Holiday Makers from the Accommodation, without LARGO being obliged to refund any amounts paid by the Holiday Maker and without prejudice to LARGO's right to compensation.

8.4 Condition of the Accommodation and nature of use


The Holiday Maker is personally responsible for choosing an Accommodation which satisfies his wishes or requirements or those of his Fellow Holiday Maker(s).


LARGO can only advise the Holiday Maker on this matter and shall not be liable if the Accommodation and/or Resort are not sufficiently suitable or geared towards the wishes/requirements of the Holiday Maker or Fellow Holiday Maker(s).

8.5 Condition of the Accommodation and nature of use


The primary rule is that pets are not permitted in the offered Accommodation unless this is expressly specified.


If pets are permitted in the Accommodation, advance notification must always be provided.


Providing notification of pets after the booking has already been made shall be regarded as a change as intended in article 4.3 and must satisfy the relevant conditions.


Unannounced pets may form grounds for the Accommodation Provider to refuse access to the Accommodation, even if the Website states that pets are permitted.


Pets may involve extra (cleaning) costs and conditions.


Pets must at all times demonstrably comply with the relevant health and vaccination requirements which apply in the country in which the Accommodation is located. Non-compliance with these requirements or an inability to demonstrate that these requirements have been met may form grounds for the Accommodation Provider to deny the pet access to the Accommodation.


The Holiday Maker is and shall at all times remain liable for damage caused by the pet to the Accommodation Provider, LARGO and/or third parties, also if this damage stems from non-compliance with the requirements as intended under 8.5.6.

Article 9 Facilities (at or outside the Resort)

9.1. Opening times and costs


The descriptions of the Accommodation on the Website provide information about the facilities which are offered, stating any costs which are known to LARGO. LARGO carefully processes all the details of which it is aware and which relate to the presence, costs and opening times of all facilities. If LARGO is informed of any changes, these will be specified on the Website for the relevant Accommodation.


If no costs are specified for the use of facilities, this does not mean that these facilities can be used free of charge.


LARGO shall not be liable for any costs which are charged or changed unexpectedly in situ for the use of facilities or services offered by third parties.


LARGO cannot guarantee that the facilities stated on the Website will always be available. Particularly outside high season, certain facilities may be closed. For example, this may apply to a restaurant, bar, swimming pool, supermarket, entertainment etc. The same applies to such facilities in the vicinity of the Accommodation.

Article 10 Travel information

10.1 Travel to and from the Accommodation


The travel to and from the booked Accommodation must be organised by the (Fellow) Holiday Maker himself, entirely at his own expense and risk.

10.2 Arrival and departure


The times of arrival and departure vary for each Resort or Accommodation and are stated in the travel documents.


If Holiday Makers arrive early, this is at their own risk.


If the Holiday Maker expects to arrive late, the manager of the booked Accommodation must be notified of this fact immediately.


If it is not possible to contact the manager, the Holiday Maker must contact LARGO by telephone instead.


If the stipulations of 10.2.3 and/or 10.2.4 are not met, the Accommodation will remain booked for the Holiday Maker for a maximum of 24 hours after the expiry of the arrival time.


If the Holiday Maker fails to arrive within these 24 hours or contact the Accommodation Provider or LARGO in some other way within this period, the booking shall be considered to have been cancelled under the conditions of article 4.1 of these General Terms and Conditions.


For all bookings, the costs for the entire booked period shall be owed in the case of late arrival or early departure.

10.3 (Travel) documents and other obligations


The (Fellow) Holiday Maker shall be responsible for all the necessary (travel) documents and/or the compulsory vaccinations for people and pets. LARGO shall accept no responsibility whatsoever for the invalidity of the correct travel documents and/or the lack of the compulsory vaccinations or medical certificates.

Article 11 Complaints

LARGO distinguishes between complaints arising prior to the holiday and those arising after the stay.

11.1 Complaints prior to your holiday


Complaints about LARGO's booking process, Website, provision of information or service must always be submitted to LARGO. LARGO will try to resolve the complaints as quickly as possible.

11.2 Complaints about the Accommodation


If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker has a complaint about the Accommodation, the Resort or the facilities, this must always be submitted to the Accommodation Provider or the reception of the Resort in question first in order to make it possible for the complaint to be resolved immediately.


If a solution is not reached, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker may contact LARGO who will then try to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. LARGO will try to resolve the complaint within 48 hours.


Contact with LARGO outside office hours is exclusively intended for emergencies and serious complaints.


If the (Fellow) Holiday Maker fails to report his complaint to LARGO by telephone or in writing during the stay, as a result of which LARGO is not given the opportunity to resolve the complaint, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker will have no recourse to this complaint from LARGO later. In this case, any right to compensation will lapse.

11.3 Complaints procedure


A (telephone) complaint which has been submitted to LARGO and which has not been resolved to the satisfaction of the (Fellow) Holiday Maker must be submitted to LARGO within 4 weeks of the date of departure in writing and stating the reasons for the complaint, together with photos and/or other evidence.


Complaints submitted at a later date cannot be taken into consideration. The complaint will be passed on to the Accommodation Provider for information.


Once LARGO has received the complaint, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker will receive confirmation of receipt within one month. This confirmation will explain the further handling of the complaint.

Article 12 Liability

12.1 Limitation of LARGO's liability


LARGO shall not be liable for loss and/or theft (including money), damage to property and damage or injury to the (Fellow) Holiday Maker caused by any reason whatsoever.


The use of all the facilities and services at the holiday destination shall be at the (Fellow) Holiday Maker's own risk.


LARGO shall not be liable for any damage suffered if the rented Accommodation does not satisfy the requirements or wishes of the Holiday Maker.


LARGO cannot accept any liability whatsoever for unexpected (construction) activities near the booked Accommodation, work on access and/or main roads, noise issues such as those caused by neighbours, church bells, cars, trains or agricultural vehicles, or issues caused by pests or environmental problems in the vicinity of the Accommodation.


Any evident mistakes or omissions on the Website(s) shall not be binding upon LARGO.


LARGO shall not be responsible for the accuracy of any (photographic) material provided and/or compiled by third parties.


The Website contains hyperlinks to other websites. LARGO shall not be responsible for these websites and accepts no liability whatsoever in respect of the legality, availability and accuracy of the details on these websites. In no case shall the content of these websites form part of the Agreement.


The (Fellow) Holiday Maker shall be considered to be aware of the local legislation and regulations. LARGO shall not be liable for the consequences of a possible violation thereof by the (Fellow) Holiday Maker.

12.2 Liability on the part of the Holiday Maker


Irrespective of the stipulations of article 7, the Accommodation Provider shall be free to provide the (Fellow) Holiday Maker with regulations relating to the use of the Accommodation and everything which is associated with the Accommodation.


During the visit, the Holiday Maker shall be liable for any damage to the Accommodation, the contents and all items belonging to the booked Accommodation, irrespective of the party which caused the damage. In the first instance, this damage must be settled between the Accommodation Provider and the Holiday Maker.


If the damage is not settled with the Accommodation Provider, LARGO shall be entitled to hold the Holiday Maker (on behalf of the Accommodation Provider) liable for the (incurred) damage. All the associated costs shall be charged to the Holiday Maker and are shown on the confirmation invoice.

Article 13 Privacy

13.1 Use of (personal) data


The personal data entered in relation to the booking will be used to process the booking. In the case of changes to the data which has already been provided, the (Fellow) Holiday Maker shall be obliged to notify LARGO of these changes in writing immediately.


The entered information will also be included in LARGO's customer database. This is intended to be used for the communication between LARGO and the Holiday Maker in respect of the booking (for example in connection with the invoicing, sending the necessary information which relates to the booking etc.) and for sending offers and information about LARGO.


Under the Privacy heading, the Website specifies which data is required and how this will be used.

Article 14 Applicable law and competent court


Dutch law shall apply to the Agreements which are concluded, changed or supplemented on the basis of these General Terms and Conditions, unless a different law applies on the basis of mandatory rules.


Any disputes relating to the Agreement may only be submitted to the competent court in Amsterdam, unless it involves a dispute for which the parties are unable to choose a competent court. In this case, the court which is declared competent by law shall have jurisdiction.

Article 15 Other stipulations


LARGO reserves the right to make changes to the Website and/or its range without prior notification being required.

15.2 Correspondence


All correspondence with LARGO in connection with the Agreement must be sent by post or email to:

Postbus 12
4493 ZG Kamperland
The Netherlands


LARGO is entitled to change the addresses stated in article 15.2.1. The Website will always state the correct contact details.


The Holiday Maker shall be responsible for providing the correct contact details and must immediately inform LARGO of any changes to the said contact details.


LARGO prefers to send any communications to the Holiday Maker by email. The Holiday Maker may not have any recourse to the fact that he has not received email messages from LARGO because the contact details are not (or are no longer) correct or the email address is not (or is no longer) correct or because of (technical) problems on the part of the Holiday Maker and/or the Holiday Maker's provider.

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